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With the new digital platform, nVent SCHROFF visualizes the interaction of hardware components in test and measurement applications and provides a comprehensive insight into the product portfolio with just a few clicks. Experienced design engineers, as well as buyers without in-depth expertise, benefit from this digital guided tour and experience a streamlined process of finding the optimal hardware platform for test systems.

“We support our customers in setting up their test equipment, offering not only individual components, but the complete hardware infrastructure, right up to plug-and-play solutions. With the introduction of the virtual guided tour, our customers, as well as our employees, can directly get an overview of our solution offering – and that with just three clicks” explains Alessandro Cataldi, Sales Manager Germany and Global Business Lead Test & Measurement at nVent SCHROFF.

Comprehensive product portfolio from a single source

In these high-tech areas it is usually about more than just the pure mechanics. In order to also cover the demands on electronics, such as ever increasing speed of data transmission, proven cooling or flexible integration performance, nVent SCHROFF offers its customers a scalable, combinable and modular product portfolio. Often, each new test platform to be developed has its own complex project requirements. And since gathering information about possible solutions also ties up valuable resources, nVent SCHROFF has developed a smart solution to simplify and accelerate this process.

Creating added value by saving time

The guided tour starts with a clickable overview map of the different application areas of nVent SCHROFF’s product portfolio, such as an EMC laboratory, a factory or a particle accelerator. This enables the user to find himself directly in his particular application. When clicking on one of the elements, an illustration of the appropriate product range appears, in which the associated individual components are marked. The next click takes the user to the level with data sheets, product information, animations, etc., where he can find out exactly what is needed for the optimal implementation of the test system set-up.

With the virtual platform, nVent SCHROFF, as one of the technology leaders for protection solutions for electronics, sets a new standard in the simplicity of information retrieval. The new tool can be used HERE.