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cooling electronics

How do you find the right cooling solutions to protect your electronics?

As thermal load and packing densities increase, thermal management has become a key consideration for most Design Engineers. nVent SCHROFF has always had a strong emphasis on the…

nVent SCHROFF successfully protects and cools accelerator equipment at European Spallation Source, the world’s most powerful neutron source

Summary: Location: Lund, Sweden Situation: The multi-disciplinary research facility European Spallation Source (ESS), based on the world’s most powerful linear proton accelerator, sought a state-of-the-art containment and cooling…

LHX rack with MTCA system

Constant Temperature Control for the High-Precision Electronics of Particle Accelerators

With the Varistar LHX+ air-water heat exchanger, nVent SCHROFF has developed a market-ready, standardized modular cooling system for technologically advanced test and measurement applications. It was developed for…