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Electronic circuit board close up.

Case Study: PXI Express system for high voltage signal tests

VX Instruments GmbH has developed a standard system for testing high-voltage signals that serves a wide range of end applications, including automotive, communications, scientific, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics….

scale your test application

How to scale your test application and shorten development time?

Developments in areas such as communication, production engineering, and the automotive industry are leading to the increasing use of highly sophisticated electronics with increased data traffic and higher…

PXI Express, COM, VPX, MTCA – Which open standards to choose for my test and measurement equipment?

Growing requirements for simulation, test, and measurement tasks are changing the requirements for enclosure and cabinet solutions. This concerns the system architecture with factors such as high computing…

PXI Express for Autonomous Driving

5G, IIOT and Autonomous Driving – What are the changing requirements for connecting and protecting test and measurement equipment?

The new 5G mobile communications standard is an important foundation for implementing new technologies such as Internet of Things (IIoT) and autonomous driving. IIoT allows for a wealth…