Since February 2022, the European Union (EU) energy sector has been struggling with a massive fossil fuel shortage, leading the gas and oil rates to a historical peak. The EU has been tackling the issue of rising energy prices for the past year as the situation in Europe energy sector has worsened considerably.

Despite the significant drop in energy supplies, Europe has found alternative sources and reduced its demand to compensate for the shortfall.
The complex dynamics of the fossil energy resources scene are pushing the energy sector forward to build more reliability on renewable energy. Renewables are the cheapest and cleanest fuel available and can be generated domestically, reducing the need for energy imports.

In May 2022, the EU Commission proposed its “Fit for 55” plan, increasing the EU’s 2030 target for renewables from 40% to 45%. The REPowerEU Plan would bring the total renewable energy generation capacities to 1236 GW by 2030 (Source: REPowerEU).
ChargeUp Europe also announced an action plan supporting digital and green transition and innovation in the e-mobility sector. (source: ChargeUp Europe)

The transformation to renewables supports energy independence for the EU markets and stems from rising consumption costs. To complement that, Portugal, Spain, and France will cooperate to create a Green Energy Corridor to help interconnect the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. The plan envisions building a pipeline of electrical interconnections reinforcement.
Additionally, intelligent electrification of road transport can and should play a critical role in support of fossil fuel demand reduction, energy independence, and the creation of integrated smart energy management matrices. This will allow more renewable energy sources in the energy power grids.

nVent provides diverse holistic solutions that would support Europe’s “mission critical” for elevating the energy sector, including all nVent Electrical & Fastening solutions products portfolio from ERICO, ERIFLEX, CADDY, and LENTON.

nVent solutions for renewable energy:

For safe, efficient operation, wind, solar, hydrogen, and other alternative energy infrastructures require reliable electrical connections.
Technology and the need for more sustainable solutions drive our infrastructure to become electric.
Whether it’s modernising the grid, adopting more renewable energy, expanding broadband with 5G, or electric vehicles, it’s all happening. Trends like these drive the need for more of our products. Having a mission to connect and protect, we’re well-positioned to provide solutions as the world electrifies.
Throughout a century of long-term partnerships, nVent earned an excellent reputation for its reliable products.
Our products meet and exceed the highest quality and performance standards through many features that ensure they function safely in operation.
• We help protect valuable, mission-critical assets from costly damage.
• Protection for critical assets that are expensive to replace.
• Prevent downtime (electrical outages) – always the worst-case scenario for utility companies.
• Innovative features, such as theft deterrent cable, prevents theft and the collateral damage it causes.
Furthermore, we are positioned to meet the future needs of the Power Grid, which involves new
infrastructure areas (energy storage, substations, nuclear plants, etc.) and the significant integration of sensitive mission-critical monitoring and communications systems.
Low-voltage power distribution solutions from nVent ERIFLEX give renewable power producers
confidence in a robust electrical connection between components in wind turbines, solar conversion equipment, hydrogen electrolyse stations and other places in which equipment and facility performance are paramount.
Including flexible conductors, power and distribution blocks, insulators, grounding braids and cable sleeves, we offer several ways to construct proper electrical systems that will last for the lifetime of your renewable energy installation. nVent ERIFLEX products are known for quality and consistency that lasts for decades, even where conditions are a constant challenge.

nVent solutions for E-mobility & Energy storage:

Electrification is transforming traditional utilities with advances in power generation and distribution, including breakthrough technology with e-mobility to battery energy storage to connect electrical products safely and efficiently. Simultaneously managing power generation oversupply and fluctuations in demand is key to providing reliable service without interruption, as for Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR), which remains today the primary revenue stream for energy storage systems in Europe.
nVent’s experience with e-mobility and energy storage solutions positions us to solve your unique challenges.
Our solutions allow our customers to overcome challenges that stand in the way of a better design and to design more Compact Panels, as well as, to save space, fit more core components into an electrical panel, and customise to meet specific and unique requirements.
In addition, our product range offers low-cost implementation past labour and material savings, low smoke, halogen-free and flame retardant materials that meet crucial safety standards and operate safely at high temperatures. We mitigate the risks associated with crimping lugs: because there is less room for error in installing our solutions – errant installations could cause a connection failure.

Finally, we have an ecosystem of products designed to fit together, are tested, and function cohesively.
nVent has a wide range of low-voltage power distribution and surge protection products to ensure safe and efficient energy transmission and storage. With nVent ERICO’s product mix and expertise in grounding, bonding, and surge protection, you can be assured that your EV charging stations and supply infrastructure is ready to meet any power delivery and protection need.
nVent is the leading provider of grounding, bonding, and power connection solutions for energy storage applications compliant with UL 9540 or the IEC 62933 series of standards.
Elevating the energy sector would require abundant endeavour from all EU member countries to build green sustainable energy infrastructure incorporating an electrified power management matrix.

At nVent, with more than 100 years of experience, we trust that combining our different solutions for renewables, energy storage, and e-mobility would be a prominent contribution to “connect & protect” the future infrastructure of EU energy.