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As thermal load and packing densities increase, thermal management has become a key consideration for most Design Engineers. nVent SCHROFF has always had a strong emphasis on the thermal design, and has the equipment, expertise, and experience to assist customers overcome difficult thermal challenges.

Thermal Modelling and Simulation

In order to manage thermal challenges, while still meeting project timelines, simulation is a useful tool to provide insight to the expected performance of a cooling concept early in the design process. At nVent SCHROFF we have been using thermal modelling and simulation tools for decades to analyze air flow and heat behavior to ensure optimal performance of our products. In collaboration with local universities, we strive for continuous improvement in order to provide our customers with the latest and greatest in thermal modelling.

IP and Thermal Testing

As simulations never resemble reality by 100%, all designs should be physically tested to verify performance. In Straubenhardt, we have the capability to test:

  • Single components, materials complete products, be it small or large.
  • Thermal factors including flow, temperatures, humidity, etc.
  • Ingress protection is also available if there are requirements against intrusion, dust, accidental contact or water.

Watch our thermal performance experts explain how overheating of electronics can be avoided.