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processing power

Electronics design, layout and simulation

All new Megatrends like 5G, IoT, autonomous driving drive the need for significantly higher data transfer and increased processing power. This also influences the way embedded systems are…

cooling electronics

How do you find the right cooling solutions to protect your electronics?

As thermal load and packing densities increase, thermal management has become a key consideration for most Design Engineers. nVent SCHROFF has always had a strong emphasis on the…

nVent SCHROFF successfully protects and cools accelerator equipment at European Spallation Source, the world’s most powerful neutron source

Summary: Location: Lund, Sweden Situation: The multi-disciplinary research facility European Spallation Source (ESS), based on the world’s most powerful linear proton accelerator, sought a state-of-the-art containment and cooling…

Three clicks away in understanding modular test equipment

With the new digital platform, nVent SCHROFF visualizes the interaction of hardware components in test and measurement applications and provides a comprehensive insight into the product portfolio with…

Varistar CP

7 Tips for choosing a cabinet to protect 19″ electronics

Depending on the application, choosing the right cabinet might be a challenge. Outside the traditional 19” data communications and telecommunications market, cabinets may be exposed to extreme heat,…

LHX rack with MTCA system

Constant Temperature Control for the High-Precision Electronics of Particle Accelerators

With the Varistar LHX+ air-water heat exchanger, nVent SCHROFF has developed a market-ready, standardized modular cooling system for technologically advanced test and measurement applications. It was developed for…

Electronic circuit board close up.

Case Study: PXI Express system for high voltage signal tests

VX Instruments GmbH has developed a standard system for testing high-voltage signals that serves a wide range of end applications, including automotive, communications, scientific, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics….

Telecommunication tower with 5G cellular network antenna on city background

Case Study: Single Board Solution for testing complex multi-band 5G networks

AceAxis developed a test system to analyze the digital bitstream (I/Q data) on the fiber interface between the BBU and RRH (Remote Radio Head) to measure the effects…

COM Nano Featured Image

Reduce development costs by choosing Computer-on-Module (COM) form factor

Test systems for Industrial IoT applications, such as for the recording of machine values over the entire production process or to monitor and control the production process to…

schroff subracks

7 Tips for selecting a subrack

Subracks, also known as card cages, are used for the reception of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and plug-in units (PIUs) in many different industries like telecom, transportation, test…