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The new 5G mobile communications standard is an important foundation for implementing new technologies such as Internet of Things (IIoT) and autonomous driving. IIoT allows for a wealth of data to be received and is processed by millions of connected devices. Autonomous driving also requires fast data networks and real-time processing of large volumes of sensor and traffic data. 5G and edge computing are critical for the development and introduction of autonomous driving and driverless transportation. With these new technologies continuing to emerge, the demand for electronic test devices is increasing rapidly as well. The main driver for new electronics test devices is the increased use of highly complex electronics, increased data traffic, higher computing power, shorter development cycles, and precise synchronization. This results in a changing demand for complex simulation, test and measurement tasks.

Simulation, test and measurement systems with electronics test devices can take very different forms. Some are relatively small test and measurement systems that test only dedicated signals or connections such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Conversely, there is test and measurement equipment that consists of larger units and is used for function tests on complex products in manufacturing or other applications. Depending on the application, different solutions are necessary in order to meet future demands.

Simulation and testing of autonomous driving

Autonomous driving and the networking of vehicles bring new challenges for test and measurement systems, both in vehicle development and simulation of processes as well as in real operation. To protect the deployed test and measurement equipment, there is a need for the following system solutions:

Storage systems, to determine the bandwidth sufficient for storing and processing all the sensor data as well as the data transfer rate. This system is installed in rugged, yet compact enclosures that are placed in special mounting frames, for example in the luggage compartment, so that they are roadworthy and easy to replace.

Small scale test systems, to test whether functions are reliable in real-world traffic. This system is also installed in the vehicle and must process and measure all the sensor data simultaneously.

Powerful system controller, which is a space-saving and compact, yet very powerful system controller for usage in the vehicle.

Test and Measurement Equipment in Manufacturing Technology

The IIoT allows for easy recording of machine values over the entire production process as well as monitoring and controlling capabilities to contribute towards improved operating efficiency and quality. During manufacturing, in-process tests will check many functions in a minimum amount of time. The real-time availability of data measured from the production lines makes it possible to be proactive instead of reactive, and product defects can be remedied immediately. Protecting test and measurement equipment requires durable and compact systems on the production floor or close to the production lines. Mechanics play a significant role in designing such systems when it comes to EMC protection, cooling, and adaption to application interfaces. Specifically, modular and easily modifiable mechanics allow for flexibility, variability and cost efficiency.

Comprehensive Test and Simulation for Quality Assurance in Aviation Technology

Aircrafts become more and more complex and diverse since they are being equipped with more electronics and electronic systems to meet customer demands and advance with new technologies. With this demand comes the need for state-of-the-art test solutions that allow for better and faster development and testing of aircraft. Tests range from validation and verification of prototypes and qualification tests in the development phase to acceptance tests in production or in the field. This leads to a demand for scalable and flexible test applications based on the test platform. For electronics protection equipment, this results in the requirement of:

Scalable and modular system architectures to tests a large amount of actual operating conditions to ensure that the components function reliably

Scalable and modular mechanical systems from flexible 19″ subrack and a modular electronics cabinet platform.

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