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Floor Heating for the Connected Home

The nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat now works with the Google Assistant® and Amazon Alexa®!

GoogleThe Google Assistant® is Google’s intelligent virtual assistant which powers the Google Home®, and Google Home Mini®. The nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat is now among the thousands of devices that the Google Assistant® can control.  After setting up your Signature with the Google Home® app, your floor heating system can be controlled with voice commands along with other smart home products!
“OK Google, set my floor heat to 86 degrees.”

AlexaAmazon Alexa® is a virtual assistant that is featured in Amazon’s line of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. In addition to being able to ask Alexa to play music, for weather, traffic updates, or sports scores, Alexa can also control other smart home devices which now include our very own nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat! Once the devices/accounts are linked, saying “Alexa, set master bathroom to 28 degrees” or “Alexa, making living room cooler” will trigger the reaction on your nVent NUHEAT Signature thermostat.

IFTTTIFTTT® stands for “If This, Then That” and it is a free web-based service that allows users to automatically trigger actions for your Signature thermostat based on other apps, web services, and devices. Examples of how this free service can be used is automatically turning off the floor heat after the user locks their front door or receiving a text message when your thermostat drops below a certain temperature. With IFTTT®, the only limit to smart home integration is your imagination! Look for Nuheat applets for IFTTT app or website!

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