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nVent NUHEAT Electric Floor Heating Systems save fuel and increase the comfort level of your RV, trailer, or mobile home.

By transforming the entire floor area into a heat source, RV and mobile home manufacturers are able to deliver improved comfort, save energy, reduce fossil fuel use, and improve interior air quality.

The nature of radiant heating systems ensures improved levels of comfort at lower average ambient air temperature. nVent NUHEAT systems work by warming the surfaces you touch. This is much more efficient than warming the air and then relying the relatively low thermal density of that air to warm the floors, walls, furniture and fixtures.

Since nVent NUHEAT systems enable improved comfort at lower ambient temperature and they offer relatively quick, on-demand heating, nVent NUHEAT systems can use less energy to heat the living space. Furthermore, since NUHEAT systems are electric, there is no need to burn gasoline, diesel, or propane for heating whenever shore power is available, reducing emissions and helping to lessen our impact on the environment.

Two commons complaint about forced air systems is that they (1) circulate dust and allergens while (2) contributing to discomfort caused by low relative humidity. The soothing radiant heat of a nVent NUHEAT system does not adversely affect air quality or relative humidity, so you can breath easy.

One final benefit to a nVent NUHEAT system is that it’s maintenance-free! Electric radiant heat does not require ductwork, boilers, gas fittings, air filters, blowers, or any additional equipment. Simplicity and the premium quality enables nVent to offer a 25-year warranty on all nVent NUHEAT floor heating systems.

If you are an RV manufacturer interested in learning how nVent NUHEAT products can help you offer outstanding value to your customers, contact Matthew Potter today.

If you currently own an RV that you would like to upgrade with an nVent NUHEAT system, request a quote for a nVent NUHEAT Custom Mat system by clicking here.