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Is your basement an ice box? Does your home office double as cold storage? Is your man cave also an ice cave? Does the floor in your ensuite provide unwanted cryotherapy?

Maybe you’re just considering an addition but aren’t sure how to heat it? The answer could be right under your toes…

Feel the warmth with nVent NUHEAT floor heating systems! nVent NUHEAT systems banish the cold from your home, making your previously cold spaces cozy and warm!

The following are just a few of the benefits of an nVent NUHEAT floor heating system:

Heat where and when you need it
nVent NUHEAT Systems can transform any cold area of your home into an oasis of warmth and comfort

nVent NUHEAT systems are easily “zone-able”. By using a separate control for each area, owners are able to heat individual spaces, such as a home office, while the heat remains low in unused areas of the home, saving energy while increasing comfort!

Energy efficient
nVent NUHEAT systems are 100% energy efficient, meaning that all of the energy consumed by the heating system is used to create heat. A nVent NUHEAT system works by radiating heat throughout the target space by warming the surface occupants contact the most: the floor! This ensures heat is delivered evenly throughout the desired area. Contrast this to other system types that concentrate the heat in undesirable areas, such as in hot air up at the ceiling with forced air systems or the extra heat near radiators or electric baseboards. These systems deliver excess warmth to some areas while leaving other areas cold, wasting energy and resulting in undesirable temperature fluctuation throughout the home.

Easy to install in both renovations and new construction
nVent NUHEAT systems are engineered to be easy to install, whether it’s a professional installation or a DIY job. nVent NUHEAT Mats are pre-built like an electric blanket, offering perfectly even heat every time and requiring no on-site manipulation. nVent NUHEAT Mats are also the thinnest system available, making them ideal for renovations where a change in floor height would be undesirable. The nVent NUHEAT Cable & Membrane system offers unrivalled installation flexibility with variable output and the cold lead and termination joint on nVent NUHEAT Cable snap in to nVent NUHEAT Membrane without any cutting or other modification required (something that cannot be said for most other cable/membrane systems).

The nVent NUHEAT warranty is 25 years on all heating systems and 3 years on all thermostats. This industry leading coverage is available under tile, stone, laminate, engineered wood, or luxury vinyl floors. It requires no special testing beyond a few simple insulation resistance tests and is not restricted to the use of select materials or methods. When installed by an nVent NUHEAT Certified PRO, the entire installation – including labor, floor coverings, and repairs (if required) – will be covered by the 25-year Total Care warranty.

In addition, the nVent NUHEAT underfloor system is 100% maintenance free!

Don’t let the cold reduce your comfort at home this winter! Click to find a distributor and to find a certified installer today!