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Here is January’s monthly “Did You Know?” feature … 

Did you know? You can tile immediately after a nVent NUHEAT Mat is thinsetted down to the subfloor. 

This is a major advantage of installing nVent NUHEAT Standard and Custom Mats; no need to wait for the thinset to dry before laying your tile unlike with other cable and mesh products, saving you time and money! nVent NUHEAT Membrane requires no self-lever which is often more expensive than thinset to begin with as well! Doing a renovation? Go with a nVent NUHEAT Mat.

Secondly, nVent NUHEAT Mats are great for renovation projects.

• nVent NUHEAT Custom and Standard Mats have a low profile and easy installation, the mat is only 1/8 thick and simply requires a layer of thinset to adhere to the subfloor. nVent NUHEAT Mats are pre-manufactured to provide consistently even heat straight from the box and does not require any additional duct work, pipes, boilers or concrete pour.

• nVent NUHEAT are available in over 60 standard off-the-shelf sizes and custom cut mats are available for any room—even rooms with curves and angles. Visit to see a full list of distributors and contractors for standard mat purchases or send us a room drawing and we’ll create a custom mat for you in 3 days.

Check out the nVent NUHEAT Standard Mats page here or the nVentNUHEAT Custom Mats page here to learn more.