nVent NUHEAT Instant Quote App

nVent NUHEAT is pleased to announce the nVent NUHEAT Instant Quote App, powered by Magicplan! Instant Quote allows nVent NUHEAT installers to… • Quickly & easily measure rooms...

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Take Advantage of Custom Design

nVent NUHEAT Custom Mats can be made to fit any floor heating shape!

December Monthly Did You Know?

Here is December’s monthly “Did You Know?” feature …  If your floor ever stops heating, no need to fear, we can repair the system without ripping up your…

Thermostats: Monitor and Control Your Nuheat Floor Heating System

Electric floor heating systems are not complete without a thermostat! Check out nVent NUHEAT’s modern line of thermostats. Learn more about nVent NUHEAT Signature, Home, and Element.