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In 2019, nVent ERICO has launched its European line of Electrical Earth Bars. nVent ERICO Electrical Earth Bars provide a common earthing point for multiple electrical panels and devices. This key component of the nVent ERICO Six Point Plan of Protection and help to eliminate the risk of earth potential loops in large complexes and buildings.

In order for structures to benefit from the protection offered by nVent ERICO Electrical Earth Bars (metric size), it is important to install that the proper product. nVent ERICO can supply the right earth bar for every job.

nVent ERICO Electrical Earth Bars

nVent ERICO Electrical Earth Bars

Range presentation

All earth bars come fully-assembled with tested and certified insulators, stainless steel M10 fasteners and stainless steel mounting brackets. Copper purity and conductivity are guaranteed. Additionally, 6-, 8- and 10-way bars with and without disconnect links are stocked and ready to ship. Additionally, the tinned copper option provides superior corrosion resistance and is ideal for connecting lugs made of any material.

Made-to-Order Capabilities

If a project demands a specific product design that is not available in the nVent ERICO catalog, it can be made-to-order. All products are made with a versatile, high speed CNC machine at an nVent facility in Europe and quickly delivered. With our made-to-order capabilities, nVent ERICO  provide to you the product that meet your expectation for creating unique situations, ensuring the highest level of protection for a structure.

The new additions of nVent ERICO Electrical Earth bars completes our existing range for grounding and bonding. This complete lineup of standard European earth bars, coupled with made-to-order capabilities, ensures that nVent ERICO has the product you are looking for. Download our nVent ERICO Electrical Earth Bars brochure, or click below to learn more about our product range.

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These specific products are only available in Europe. For North America or other regions, please visit our website and select your country to view our other grounding busbar offerings.