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Renewable energy is an increasingly popular source of power. Renewable energy sources will continue to sit at the forefront of the push for sustainable practices in the modern world. Even though these practices come with lower costs to produce energy, they also demand robust and reliable electrical system connection and protection methods to ensure safe and efficient operations. nVent offers superior solar and wind solutions that keep installations efficiently constructed and running at their safest.

Solar Power

Generally, solar power voltaic (PV) arrays last for at least 30 years. This great endurance, along with zero emissions, has made solar one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources, but it comes with the need for top-of-the-line connection and protection. Given that these applications are placed in outdoor areas, whether in a solar farm or on a rooftop, solar installations face challenging weather conditions on top of other grid demands. nVent offers electrical and fastening solutions for solar power that safeguard people and property, reduce costly downtime, and meet industry standards. There are also nVent engineering services to aid in development, saving time and labor costs.

nVent products protect both people and equipment with an extensive range of grounding and bonding, surge protection devices and comprehensive lightning protection systems. nVent’s grounding and bonding offering includes a variety of products for each application, ranging from ground rods, mats, and mesh to grounding for fences and gates, nVent ERICO Cadweld Plus Exothermic Welding Systems and more. These solutions work in tandem with the nVent surge protection and lightning protection systems, which ensure the longevity and continuity of operations across the board, as well as the safety of people and property.

Wind Power

Wind power is another renewable energy source seeing growth. To keep wind turbines operating at peak level, nVent offers products to yield robust, reliable and streamlined wind power technologies even on harsh terrain.

The best-case scenario for protecting turbines from lightning is to have solutions designed specifically for turbines. nVent’s lineup includes air terminals, down conductors and grounding products that work together to create a path of least resistance for strikes to travel.

Effective grounding and dependable connectivity are essential for performance and safety. The range offered by nVent includes flexible busbars, connectors and accessories. These provide secure and low-resistant electrical connections in turbines by creating current distribution, minimizing voltage drops and ensuring reliable electrical continuity throughout the structure of the turbine.

The connectivity of a turbine depends on its cables. Managing cables is pivotal to the power infrastructure, as the numerous cables and wiring are organized, protected and securely fastened. Various nVent solutions can increase installation efficiency, minimize maintenance requirements and ensure optimal cable performance.

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