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Readers – Thank you for making the first year of the nVent ERICO blog a success! We have enjoyed bringing you information about grounding, bonding, lightning and surge protection solutions, and hope you have found our posts timely and relevant to your needs.

Based on a record year for us in page views and clicks for more info, our blog has become a valuable resource for busy professionals wanting to stay in touch with the latest trends and technologies.

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All for You

nVent ERICO designs and manufactures grounding, bonding, lightning and surge protection systems for rail, commercial, telecom, utility and industrial markets. We do this by first observing how contractors work in the field, with our engineers spending thousands of hours on job sites each year. This uncommon commitment to our customers has earned us a reputation as a go-to provider of solutions and products that simplify difficult jobs, eliminate repetitive tasks and provide a higher degree of safety.

We also strive to bring you the insight that can help you succeed on the job and in your career. Struggling to understand a recent code update? Tell us more about it. Unclear about the differences between earthing and grounding? We can explain that.

From why fewer Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections mean more risks to rising concern about ground potential rise in public spaces, our experts regularly weigh in on a wide range of current topics, standards and specifications, and frequently asked questions. You can also turn to us for reminders such as the two most important factors when selecting ground rod material or tips for grounding electric signs.

Or maybe you are just curious about the science behind a lightning strike. If it concerns protecting people and critical equipment from damaging voltages and surges, nVent ERICO is your one source for all the answers.

Just ask us or share your concern―anytime is a good time to connect with our customers!

On behalf of the nVent ERICO team, we deeply value your readership and your business and promise to reward your confidence in us in new ways. Stay tuned for more practical advice and proven approaches to grounding and bonding, lightning protection and surge protection coming soon.

Thank you again!

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