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Along the tracks of an electric powered train, electrical conductors provide potential to the system. When rail conductors are damaged or broken, downtime, costly maintenance and new equipment can follow.

To keep conductors in their place and functional, ERICO recommends railclips. These come in a variety of designs to accommodate unique tracks around the world.

Check out the video above for a look at how railclips are installed, or continue reading below to learn why railclips can make or break a system’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Without Railclips, Expect Loose Conductors 

Loose rail conductor can cause immediate issues and also lasting effects. Without railclips, loose conductors may cause the following issues: 

  • Conductor damage
  • Train delays
  • Lost signals
  • Increased maintenance
  • Possible conductor theft 

What Railclips Do For the Tracks 

Minimize or Eliminate Conductor Damage 

Rail_Conductors.pngConductors provide power to electric trains. When they are damaged and run below capacity, railways lose efficiency. When they break, costly downtime and maintenance ensue. 

Improve System Downtime 

Unnecessary downtime results in direct costs such as repair labor, spare parts and equipment costs. Possibly more impactful than direct costs are the indirect costs of lost revenue, carrying higher capacity loads when uptime continues and other recovery costs. 

Minimize Maintenance Time and Total Project Cost

While high quality railclips may seem like an unnecessary upfront cost for railway manufacturing, the long-term value of installing railclips is undeniable. Decrease system maintenance time and costs and see the life of the system increase. 

Reduce the Likelihood of Conductor Theft 

Another hidden cost is the theft of copper and steel conductors. CNBC declared copper theft “an epidemic” in 2013. Railclips help prevent mass theft of high scrap value copper conductors because they hold them in place and make theft of mass sections more difficult. 

Increase Safety

Conductors carry high voltages, and broken lines can make electric shock a great risk. Because railclips help keep conductors from rattling against the track and breaking, they decrease the risk of electric shock to bystanders and workers.

See the Rail Solutions ERICO Has to Offer

ERICO RAILCLIPS exhibit the advantages mentioned above, while providing a quick and easy installation. Additionally, our products and solutions are designed to accommodate nearly every rail profile produced in the world. Offerings include:

  • Rail heater clips
  • Track circuit rail lips
  • Concrete tie clips
  • Conductor holders
  • Glued clip kits 

Refer to the ERICO RAILCLIPS Solutions video to see the installation of each of these products to help gauge which is best for your rail. 

To learn more about ERICO rail solutions, from rail connections to rail switch heating system to lightning protection, download the ERICO Rail Solution Guide.

Image credit: Pexels