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Railway_Lightning_Protection.pngAs a result of changing technology, railways are more likely to feel the devastations of a lightning strike than ever. Microprocessor-based equipment has increasingly replaced solid state technology and is highly susceptible to surges. 

Many complications can arise from railway lightning strikes, including: 

  • Safety risks to personnel
  • Damage to critical equipment
  • Data corruption
  • Operational downtime

As the railway industry continues to move toward more advanced products, effective lightning protection mitigation plans are a must to keep trains up and running and reduce lightning-induced transients.

Continue reading to learn three product lines that help minimize the risk of lightning damage to railways.

1. Direct Strike Protection

On average, railways are hit by direct lightning strikes nearly 200 times per year. These strikes cause issues ranging from delays to damaged equipment. 

To protect your railways from the dangers of direct lightning strikes, ERICO offers the ERICO SYSTEM 3000. The ERICO SYSTEM 3000 combines an active air terminal for expanded coverage and an insulated conductor to prevent side flash to structures and equipment. These systems have been installed on more than 15,000 projects worldwide. The dedicated ground system ensures proper dissipation to earth by utilizing multiple ground rods and ground enhancement material. 

2. Grounding and Bonding

In a lightning protection system, ground systems are responsible for dissipating lightning strike energy safely to the ground. Railways can depend on ERICO’s variety of grounding products, including: 

  • Ground rods
  • Driving sleeves and studs
  • Ground rod couplers
  • Ground mesh and mats

The ERICO CADWELD line of products resists corrosion and provides long lasting connections

3. Surge and Over-Voltage Transient Protection

Lightning transients and surges are responsible for equipment failure and costly replacements on railways. Railway engineers can depend on the EPD line of power surge protection devices. 

ERICO’s EPD line offers power surge protection devices that deliver economical, reliable defense from transients. EPD’s include both primary and secondary power protection, and are designed for the demanding electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of railways.   

Learn more about protecting a railway from the dangers of lightning strikes. Download our report on railway solutions to reach full lightning protection.