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nVent provides a range of solutions for electrical panels that allow for greater design flexibility, including more ways to compress an electrical panel and overcome spatial limitations. nVent product solutions are highly compatible within a panel, making it easier to configure and scale, both key advantages for electrical systems across many renewable applications.

Designed with installers in mind, nVent solutions feature efficiencies that can significantly lower the overall cost of implementation, one of the few areas where OEMs have an opportunity to lower costs. nVent electrical panel solutions help overcome challenges and lower the cost of implementation across a range of renewable energy applications including:

  • Solar: Combiner Boxes and Inverters
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • EV Fast Charging Stations
  • Utility Applications: Substations, Transmission and Distribution, and Infrastructure

The team at nVent offers not only the products for panel design but has engineering and custom order design services to assist in creating the best final product. Work with the nVent team to build a customized, compact low-voltage power distribution panel solution that is safe, reliable, enables design flexibility and lowers the cost of implementation.

Products for More Compact Panels

nVent ERIFLEX Low-Voltage Power Connections
and Distribution Solutions
Flexible Conductors and Power Distribution Solutions

nVent ERIFLEX IBSB Advanced: insulated braided conductor
nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Advanced: flexible busbar
nVent ERIFLEX Distribution Blocks: low-voltage power distribution
nVent ERIFLEX MBJ: metallic grounding braid
Low-Voltage Splice Blocks
nVent ERIFLEX Power Blocks


nVent ERICO Surge Protection Devices

nVent ERICO DT Series: power surge protection
nVent HOFFMAN Enclosures
Outdoor Mounted Enclosure

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