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One annoyance of winter is coming in from the cold and washing your hands with freezing cold water. But waiting for hot water to arrive at your sink wastes water, energy and time while decreasing the likelihood that you’ll wash your hands thoroughly. Let’s take a look at how hot water temperature maintenance solutions can help.

The Benefits of Heat Traced HWAT Lines

Heat traced single pipe hot water lines eliminate this and other hot water supply problems. By using a system like nVent Raychem HWAT, the wait time for hot water is reduced to virtually zero and you’ll enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Reducing water waste
  • Using potentially renewable electricity instead of fossil fuels
  • Consuming less space than conventional circulation systems
  • Simple installation processes
  • Rugged and long lasting products
  • Improving water quality by reducing the risk of Legionella and other pathogen growth

Apartment and Condominium Management Benefits

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, hot water temperature maintenance systems like HWAT offer significant additional benefits to condominiums and similar buildings management.

HWAT systems can track and supply hot water and energy used to maintain hot water on a per unit basis. This enables:

  • Fair and accurate billing of water and energy consumption.
  • Increased conservation of water and electricity
  • Reduced amounts of water going into sewer systems and related charges

Integration with Other nVent Raychem Solutions

HWAT systems integrate with other nVent RAYCHEM applications such as Pipe Freeze Protection, Roof and Gutter Deicing, Snow Melting and Grease Waste Flow. By using an advanced multiple application controller such as the Raychem ACS-30 it’s economical and efficient to manage all of the building’s heat trace systems in one effective solution.

So the next time you go to wash your hands this winter and the water is unpleasantly cold, think about the smart hot water alternative.

For more information please visit the nVent RAYCHEM website.