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Electric Tracing System

nVent RAYCHEM Electric Tracing System: A Powerful Security Guard at Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport was designed by ADP Ingenierie Architects and Zaha Hadid Studio. It covers an area of approximately 150 square kilometers and is one of the…

Electric Floor Heating

Can Electric Floor Heating be Used as a Primary Heat Source?

The answer is – Yes. Electric floor heating can be the primary and sole source of heating, quite common in recently build family houses. The solution is storage…

roof and gutter de-icing for airports

Roof and Gutter De-icing: Using nVent RAYCHEM IceStop to Safeguard Airport Operations

Located in the world’s highest plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is the famous city of sunshine – Lhasa. The Gongga International Airport in Lhasa has become one of the…