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installing a heated driveway

I Hate the Snow Shovel! Should I Get a Heated Driveway?

Winter is coming, and with it comes heavy snowfall and the terrible task of clearing it away. For those with large paths, walkways and driveways, clearing snow and ice…

nVent RAYCHEM IceStop snow melting system

How Electrical Snow Melting Systems Reduce the Need for Chemical Ice Melters

Electrical snow melting systems reduce the need for chemical ice melters, which can be harmful to the environment. By eliminating the use of salt and other chemicals, snow-melting…

installing a heated driveway

Spring Is Ideal Time to Prepare Surface Snow Melting for Winter

Ice and snow-covered sidewalks ramps and driveways can pose a major threat to business operations and safety. An electric snow melting system is an environmentally friendly way to…

Working in extreme weather conditions

Working in Extreme Weather Conditions: Are Your Personnel and Equipment Protected?

In recent years, (sub-)arctic activities have increased substantially in oil and gas, marine transport, fishing, science and research, and tourism industries. Due to their geographic location, these activities…

Proactive Measures That Will Make You Love Winter

Winter is just around the corner! However, it’s not too late to prepare. There are still many proactive measures you can take to help your family love winter….

how-do-self-regulating-heating-cables-work with logos

How Do Self Regulating Heating Cables Work?

In 1972, the Raychem Corporation (now a part of nVent) patented and launched the world’s first self-regulating heating cable. Since then, the company has sold and installed over…

keeps pipes from freezing

Protect Pipes from Freezing and more: Winter Comfort When Working from Home

Since the second quarter of 2020, many workers were forced to move their jobs from an office building to a home office. In fact, over 50% of Americans were either “always” or “sometimes”…

Long-Term Preventative Measures to Avoid Winter Accidents

Building owners cannot afford to ignore the ever-increasing cost of building damage and personal injury liability associated with winter accidents. When it comes to winter weather, there are…

winter hacks that don't work

Winter Storm Hacks that DON’T Work

This year, there has already been a fair amount of Winter storms in North America, and around the world. These Winter storms have closed roads and schools, canceled…


Protecting Your Facility Surfaces During Winter

According to the National Safety Council, in the US alone slips and falls account for nearly 9 million emergency room visits during winter. While it’s unsure how many…