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Roof & Gutter De-Icing

Proactive Measures That Will Make You Love Winter

Winter is just around the corner! However, it’s not too late to prepare. There are still many proactive measures you can take to help your family love winter….

how-do-self-regulating-heating-cables-work with logos

How Do Self Regulating Heating Cables Work?

In 1972, the Raychem Corporation (now a part of nVent) patented and launched the world’s first self-regulating heating cable. Since then, the company has sold and installed over…

how to stop my roof from leaking

How Do I Stop my Roof from Leaking in Winter?

Winter should be spent safely inside your home or workplace, not battling roof damage from pesky leaks caused by wear and tear, frozen gutters, and ice dams. You…

RIM System - Roof Ice Melt

How RIM Systems Can Protect Your Roof

Ice dams and icicles are some of the most dangerous hazards a roof can face during winter. They can affect all kinds of roofs types including flat roofs,…

Conserving Historic Buildings With Aesthetically Pleasing Roof Ice Melt Systems

It is becoming increasingly important for architects to focus on the conservation and renovation of older buildings, as opposed to designing and creating new ones. Preserving historic architecture…

Residential Applications

Residential Safety and Comfort from nVent RAYCHEM and nVent NUHEAT

Now is the time to ensure your home will be safe and comfortable this winter! Don’t let extreme weather events, like 2021’s Winter Storm Uri, catch you off…

Long-Term Preventative Measures to Avoid Winter Accidents

Building owners cannot afford to ignore the ever-increasing cost of building damage and personal injury liability associated with winter accidents. When it comes to winter weather, there are…

Self Regulating Heat Trace Cables: A Clever Way to Melt the Ice

Ice is one of the most dangerous elements that comes with winter weather. Whether it accumulates on building roofs, pipes, the ground or other objects, ice can be…

Understanding nVent RAYCHEM Specialized Applications

While we’ve covered the importance of roof and gutter de-icing systems for roofs and gutters, there are other elements of commercial and residential structures that also require winterization.

how to stop my roof from leaking

Using Software to Ensure Winter Protection for your Building

When it comes to protecting your building against winter weather, it’s important to work with tools that simplify your project while helping you stay on budget. Let’s look…