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Industrial Applications

Self-regulating Cable

How Self-Regulating Cable Contributes to Sustainability

Energy-efficient properties of self-regulating cable prevent burst pipes waste a lot of water and cause expensive damage, surface snowmelt reduces salinification, preventing roof and gutter damage with heat…

Tank Heating

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Safety with Innovative Thermal Insulation for Storage Tanks

Tank terminals play a pivotal role across various industries, serving as vital assets for storing substances like crude oil, biofuels, petrochemicals, tarmac, food products, and wastewater. Ensuring effective…

heat tracing system

Prepare Your Industrial Plant for Winter Weather with a Heat Tracing System

During the winter months, it is common to experience cold temperatures. However, in recent years, we have witnessed extreme weather phenomena such as polar vortexes and unprecedented storms….

Prepare your plant for winter

How to Prepare Your Plant for Winter

During the summer months, it is easy to overlook the approaching winter. However, it is important to be proactive and take preventive action now. Winter brings with it…

Auditing Your Industrial Facility

Why Audit Your Heat Management System?

All industrial facilities need to have processes operating properly to meet the demands of their production schedule. Any disruption or shutdown can cost a facility millions of dollars….

a large, modern petrochemical enterprise in the winter

High Temperature Self-Regulating Heating Cables You Can Rely on Through the Winter and Beyond

Self-regulating heating cables have been around for many years, used for pipe freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications. It’s considered one of the most reliable electric heat…

Case Study: nVent RAYCHEM Energizes Shaanxi Coal Group to Build a $100 Billion Coal Chemical Project

With accelerating electrification, it is important to use solutions dedicated to industry. That’s why nVent RAYCHEM provided a complete and efficient electric heat tracing system for the High-Quality…

heat tracing for freeze protection

The Case for Energy-Efficient Heat Tracing for Freeze Protection

Many of us would agree that winters are tracking milder: ski seasons seem to be getting shorter and the polar ice caps are shrinking. And extreme cold, huge…

Electric Heat Tracing: The Importance of Using the Right EHT Connection Kits for the Winter

Although winter officially starts later in the month of December, we have been hit with powerful snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures across the country.  For industrial facilities, not being…

Achieve Energy Savings Benefits with Smart Heat Tracing Controls

Industrial facilities are becoming more aware of the annual energy consumption within their plant. They are also looking for ways to bring that annual cost down. Many are…