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Commercial Applications

concealed snow melting for roofs

nVent RAYCHEM RIM Concealed Snow Melting & De-Icing Systems

The nVent RAYCHEM RIM system is North America’s leading, high performance, aesthetically pleasing, concealed snow melting and de-icing solution, powered by nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating cable technology.

roof and gutter de-icing for airports

Roof and Gutter De-icing: Using nVent RAYCHEM IceStop to Safeguard Airport Operations

Located in the world’s highest plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is the famous city of sunshine – Lhasa. The Gongga International Airport in Lhasa has become one of the…

Pipe Heat Tracing System

How Pipe Freeze Protection Saves Water and Reduces Costs

Burst pipes caused by freezing temperatures result in significant water waste annually, undermining water efficiency and causing unnecessary resource depletion. According to studies and industry estimates, millions of…

Sustainable Frost Protection

Sustainable Frost Protection: Prioritizing Human Safety with nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Cables

In our pursuit of eco-friendly solutions, it is crucial to explore innovative materials that not only benefit the planet but also offer practical advantages. Introducing nVent RAYCHEM XL-Trace…

Efficiently Delivering Hot Water: Achieve Decarbonization/Electrification, Submetering, and Sustainability Goals

Efficiently delivering hot water has become a pressing issue in today’s world where the focus is on reducing waste and carbon footprints while saving energy and water. Many…

Efficiently delivering hot water | Pipe Freeze Protetcion

Freezing Winter Weather and Hot Water Temperature Maintenance

One annoyance of winter is coming in from the cold to wash your hands, turning on the hot water but being greeted with freezing cold water. Waiting for…

Proactive Measures That Will Make You Love Winter

Winter is just around the corner! However, it’s not too late to prepare. There are still many proactive measures you can take to help your family love winter….

how-do-self-regulating-heating-cables-work with logos

How Do Self Regulating Heating Cables Work?

In 1972, the Raychem Corporation (now a part of nVent) patented and launched the world’s first self-regulating heating cable. Since then, the company has sold and installed over…


Winter Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Commercial Building

September is here and although the days are still warm and long, Winter is quickly approaching, bringing with it many risks for building owners. Ice, snow and freezing…

Sometimes Less Truly is More – The Case For 3 Watt/Ft Electric Heating Cable for Pipe Freeze Protection

The first application of nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating technology more than 50 years ago was to keep water pipes from freezing. Now more than 50 years and hundreds of…