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The freezing winter weather takes a toll on buildings and the infrastructure within them. Prolonged periods of freezing temperatures cause particular problems to exposed pipework around all types of buildings.

Frozen pipes can burst, causing significant and costly damage to your property. Being that it affects many in the area, heating service and support companies and their technicians are put under great pressure to deal with large volumes of emergency calls, meaning help is often not readily available. That damage, as well as the threat of no heat when temperatures are below freezing, is a serious issue.

The importance of protecting buildings against this harsh reality is paramount. Leaders in the heating industry actively promote and recommend heat tracing solutions (and insulation) as a solution to this potential annual problem to both engineers and consumers. Heat Tracing solutions help consumers prevent potential damages instead of reacting to emergency situations.

Heat Tracing solutions can help with pipe freeze protection by preventing the freezing of fluids in pipes. This solution is designed to replace the heat lost through the thermal insulation and provide heat where it is needed and can help provide freeze protection to pipes whether they are inside, outside, above ground or below the ground.

Learn more about keeping your pipes safe by downloading our worksheet.