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Comprehensive surge protection is a requirement for railways but not all surge protection devices (SPD) can protect against rare or complex electrical events that can be especially damaging. While surge protection is required, not all devices meet key industry standards that promote proper functionality in a diverse range of operating conditions.

An SPD that doesn’t perform adequately can be very expensive for railways, and can lead to having to replace expensive equipment, meaning costs associated with downtime and maintenance. nVent ERICO Surge Protection Devices deliver maximum protection while minimizing the cost to railways to protect those critical assets without the unwanted costs of inadequate protection.

Established Rail Industry Supplier

nVent ERICO is an established rail industry supplier, offering a comprehensive surge protection product line with many devices specifically designed for rail. This portfolio includes surge protection for telecom and additional next-generation rail technology industries. More specifically, this portfolio covers surge protection for equipment power, data and signal line protection, and signaling equipment inputs and outputs (I/Os). Network areas include bungalows and wayside equipment, rail facilities and classification yards, as well as onboard systems.

Innovative Product Technology

nVent ERICO’s Surge Protection Device offering integrates innovative designs, modern features and proprietary technology, protecting against sudden and momentary transients, as well as long-term exposure to Temporary Over Voltages (TOVs).

All these benefits are part of nVent ERICO’s superior performance when it comes to the rail SPD offering, plus max surge ratings and compliance with key industry standards including AREMA, IEC, UL and more.

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