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nVent improves railway safety and reliability with a wide range of solutions that connect and protect electrical systems and infrastructure through the network. Two newly launched online resources give customers the chance to engage with nVent rail products, stories from customers and more.

All nVent Rail Information and Resources in One Place

Find easy-to-access product information and resources on the Railway Solutions homepage for core nVent rail products across all of the nVent brands, as well as a comprehensive view of the niche electrical application areas where these products serve a critical function. A few new details on this page include:

  • Details on all nVent products supplied to the rail industry.
  • Featured applications view showing the extensive range of nVent solutions for each application including Trackside Equipment & Infrastructure, Onboard Rolling Stock, Railway Stations and Facilities and Tunnels.
  • Discover more about nVent rail solutions by diving into the nVent Virtual Rail World where users can navigate and explore nVent products in a realistic three-dimensional setting.

New nVent Virtual Rail World

Discover more about nVent Rail Solutions by experiencing the different areas of the rail network through nVent products, with detailed and realistic application scenarios, including the control rooms as well as on-track applications. Walking virtually through these applications will showcase a comprehensive inventory of nVent solutions including product information and resources from nVent brands including nVent ERICO, ERIFLEX, CADDY, LENTON, SCHROFF and HOFFMAN. Products are arranged by core solutions and can be navigated through to each product – where users can find comprehensive product information. You can access the nVent Virtual Rail World here.