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Proper process temperature heating is important at all times of the year but especially during the winter. The extreme nature of the season can have lasting effects on equipment and the ability to withstand these harsh elements is necessary to ensure processes and operations in a variety of fields stay in motion.

The inability to properly protect industrial processes and operations can result in:

  • frozen equipment
  • blocked pipes
  • production loss,
  • plant shutdown
  • structural damage
  • repair work
  • and other issues

Proper winterization of industrial equipment is necessary to prevent interruptions in daily operations and provide safety to all those that work in that environment.

One way that these worries can be negated is through electric heat tracing. Electric heat tracing helps critical industrial processes by maintaining process temperatures and providing freeze protection. As one of the most common ways to protect against damage from winter elements, heat tracing is both attractive to engineers and plant managers. Designed to replace the heat lost through thermal insulation, electric heat tracing solutions provide heat where it is needed, when it is needed.

Electric heat tracing technologies are traditionally categorized as parallel-resistance or series-resistance. Parallel-resistance technologies have advantages such as being able to be cut to length, field terminable, flexible and usually available off the shelf. On the other hand, series-resistance technologies have advantages of being able to be used for longer circuit lengths from one power source.

Heat tracing technology is also valuable because of its attractive attributes. Electric heat tracing is a safe, proven and durable method to prevent freezing as well as being a technology that continues to evolve. Heat tracing can be cost-saving in instances where a large storm or prolonged cold front has taken a toll on equipment. Instead of the need for expensive emergency repairs arises, heat tracing technology helps prevent damage from the start.

Ahead of winter, existing systems should undergo a systems check to ensure maximum reliability and performance before temperatures drop below freezing. Learn more about the process of auditing Electric Heat Tracing systems for industrial applications.