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When it comes to protecting your industrial facility against winter weather, it’s valuable to have tools at your disposal that help make the process easier.

Let’s take a look at some helpful design tools from nVent RAYCHEM that can help with winterization at your facility this year.

Explore TraceCalc Net

When it comes to easy-to-use heat trace design tools, TraceCalc Net is one of the best. This free, easy-to-operate design tool allows users to design a pipe heat tracing system for both industrial freeze protection and process temperature maintenance applications.

This web-based platform is quick and simple, and can be accessed from any mobile device. The new TraceCalc Net allows users to design multiple circuits, including parent-child configurations. After the design is complete, users receive a full report with a complete bill of materials. Designs can then be saved in the Cloud and accessed at a later date.

If you’re looking for an online quote, our experts will provide it within two working days.

During winter, it’s crucial to have a fully designed and optimized heat trace system in place. TraceCalc Net can be a good starting point to get one in place.

What is TraceCalc Pro?

If you’re looking to design more complex circuits, the next step up is TraceCalc Pro. This desktop software guides users step-by-step through the process to create the best heat tracing solution for industrial projects.

TraceCalc Pro allows users to access design data, including:

  • Pipe heat loss
  • Circuits
  • Electrical Loads
  • Sheath Temperatures
  • And more

There are also advanced features, where users can explore:

  • Multi-segment circuit designs
  • Customized valve and insulation types
  • Advanced editing features

Surface Snow Melting Design with SnoCalc

If you are looking to prevent winter slips and falls at your facility, a surface snow melting system should be a consideration. SnoCalc is a design calculator that allows users to find the appropriate heating cables, connection kits and accessories to create an industry-leading snow melting technology system.

With options for a wide range of applications including sideways, ramps and stairways, this calculator can easily create a design that will work for your facility.

Slips and falls are known to increase during the winter months. These safety incidents are not only hazardous to workers, they can also halt productivity and increase costs. Facilities in traditionally snow and ice heavy locations should perform an audit of their surfaces and see if a snow melting system could be a proactive way to improve facility operations during winter.

Why Use Design Software?

In today’s industrial world, saving time can also mean saving money. With software tools, you can create an accurate heat trace system that will enhance productivity at your facility.

To learn more about how nVent RAYCHEM’s tools can help with your next heat trace design, visit our Resources Page.