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The dawn of a new holiday season is almost upon us, but what are the signs of a cold winter ahead? The visions of fun outdoor winter activities can bring great joy to some while others may already be dreaming of next spring. 

The temperature has already started to drop and in some places, there’s even been snow on the ground. It’s not a question if it’s going to get cold, but rather how cold it’s going to get. Whether you are a fan of winter weather or not, the reality is that winter IS coming. 

What Are the Signs of a Cold Winter?

Fortunately, winter weather has been researched for centuries. In that time, telltale indicators on how cold the upcoming winter is going to be have been identified. Some are based on scientific evidence, and some are based on folklore passed down from generation to generation. Whichever method you trust, there are some quick projections you can rely on or a few things you can look for to make the projection yourself. 

The Farmer’s Almanac, for example, predicts weather trends by comparing solar patterns and historical weather conditions with current solar activity. Three methods to predict the winter are:

  • Solar science
  • Climatology
  • Meteorology

When these three sciences are combined, researchers can begin to formulate an accurate as possible estimate. The scientific method of forecasting puts an emphasis on how temperature and precipitation will deviate from averages observed over the last 30 years. This winter’s forecast is calling for a colder winter in the American southwest than last year. In fact, there is even a nickname for the coming weather – The Polar Coaster.

Experts are predicting below-normal temperatures out in the west and southwest parts of the United States. Snowfall will be on par with last year’s record-breaking inches. And with low temperatures continuing right into spring, it may feel like a never-ending winter. In Canada, they’re predicting that British Columbia will take on most of the cold weather, with above average temperatures in the rest of the country. But the forecast calls for snow, snow and more snow.

Will they be right? Only time can tell.

Can Animals Predict Winter Weather? 

Observing animal behavior has been a popular indicator for winter weather in years past. Geese and ducks departing early, squirrels gathering nuts or even pigs collecting sticks can point toward particularly cold temperatures. If you can frequently spot halos or rings around the sun or the moon, it’s another sign to get ready for some snowfall. A warm October, a cold February – or so the legend goes.

How Can You Beat the Cold?

No matter what your source of predictions may say, the best way to get a handle on winter is to get ahead of it. Being prepared to handle the harsh elements is half the battle to surviving another winter. 

Processes, applications and infrastructure must be prepared ahead of time to face the harsh conditions winter brings. Implementing winter safety techniques now can save time, cost and more if the winter happens to bring significant damage.

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