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How do you protect your building? The best protection is prevention. Heavy snow and the pattern of repeated freezing and thawing can create ice dams that destroy roofs, gutters, and downspouts and allow water to leak through interior walls and damage possessions. According to ASHRAE: “90% of all building failures in the United States are related to moisture.”

High performing Roof Ice Melt (RIM) Systems are elegant roof & gutter de-icing solutions that consist of self-regulating heat tracing cable concealed in a metallic panel assembly that delivers energy-efficient and reliable heat. When secured to the roof edge, these panels maintain the aesthetics of your roof while providing effective heat transfer to keep icicles and ice dams from forming. This panel technology is so versatile that it solves winter problems on all roof types as well as structural elements, like dormers, skylights, chimneys, vents, and roof drains by ensuring a continuous melt channel.

By using the same versatile technology –self-regulating cable in a metallic panel assembly- other solutions are provided to protect windows, paved surfaces and suspended metal surfaces.

Windows get condensation buildup when outside temperatures are cold, and inside temperatures are warm. Window Mullion Heating (WMH) is a complete heating solution installed in window frames. The system keeps your windows free of frost and moisture.

Outdoor pedestal-mounted pavers, like those used to make more usable space available on roof tops or patios can become icy and create a dangerous slip hazard for people. Safety becomes even more of a concern when these unsafe conditions affect critical access areas such as evacuation routes, ADA accessibility, and so on. Pedestal Mounted Paver Heating (PMPH) is a complete snow melting solution installed under pedestal-mounted pavers. The system keeps your pedestal-mounted pavers free of snow and ice.

Outdoor suspended metal surfaces such as stairs, walkways and catwalks can become icy and treacherous for people. Suspension Mounted Heating (SMH) is a complete snow melting solution installed under suspended metal surfaces. The system keeps your suspended surfaces free of snow and ice.

These elegant and versatile systems are the solutions of choice for owners of commercial facilities, luxury resorts, historic buildings, homes, and architectural gems to prevent hazards and protect their buildings from potential hazards during winter.