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One of the harshest characteristics of winter is the cold weather. With ambient temperatures falling past the freezing point, strict temperature maintenance and control of fluid systems is a challenge that must be addressed in order for operations to continue without interruption.

Fortunately, there is an answer to controlling heating processes for frost protection applications. Proportional Ambient Sensing Control (PASC) provides energy efficient ambient sensing temperature control. PASC uses an electronic controller to sense ambient temperature and continuously adjust the controller’s duty cycle to provide the heat tracing power needed for a piped system.

PASC helps predict the effect of changing ambient conditions on piped systems using a complex duty cycle algorithm. This equation is based on the current ambient temperature and how long it has been at that level. From there, it is able to calculate the cycle time that heating circuits will be energized in order to maintain the desired temperature, achieving lower energy consumption.

PASC is suitable for all broad temperature controlled systems such as freeze protection. By continuously measuring ambient temperature and determining appropriate cycle times for energizing heating cables, PASC is able to automatically adjust to the correct heat-tracing output.

In addition to reliable and enduring operation, PASC controllers provide user feedback via alarm relays, thus allowing remote indication of system status. PASC can also help reduce total installed cost of a project in addition to reducing energy consumption.