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Looking at the calendar we are about halfway through winter and the weather has already arrived for many. However, it’s not too late to prepare for the rest of this winter and the next winter that will surely come. There are still many proactive measures you can take to help your family love winter.

February and March can bring some of the most intense winter storms, and an uptick in accidents. Take the time to prepare your buildings now before extreme weather arrives again.

How Can Winter Weather Affect Homes and Buildings?

Homes exposed to harsh winter elements can suffer serious damage, whether it’s the roof, pipes or infrastructure. And it’s not only residential owners that need to be wary of damage. Commercial and industrial buildings are also at serious risk.

The way to mitigate this risk is to be prepared as early in the year as possible. By protecting your building now, you can focus more on sledding with the kids instead of tending to expensive winter damage.

How Can You Start to Love Winter?

Here are three ways to help protect your home against harsh winter conditions:

  • Pipe Freeze Protection: Perfect for residential applications, Pipe Freeze Protection Systems offer a simple solution to keep pipes from freezing. Using self-regulating technology, this energy-efficient option means your building is protected only when you need it. These systems also require minimal upkeep. Installing heating cables can help you combat winter weather for many years to come.
  • Roof and Gutter De-Icing: Roofs and gutters are prime targets to suffer severe winter damage due to their nature of being highly exposed to the elements. A collapsed roof can mean months of insurance dealings and expensive repairs for building owners. Commercial buildings also have to endure a loss of operation while those repairs take place. Whether it’s ice dams, valleys or icicles, Roof and Gutter De-Icing Systems maintain a continuous path for ice or snow on the roof drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout.
  • Surface Snow Melting Systems: Areas such as walkways, garages, loading ramps, stairways are consistently exposed to below freezing temperatures during winter. Surface Snow Melting Systems keep these areas free of snow and ice, preventing injuries and other hazards while avoiding the need for regular maintenance.

Prepare your home early instead of looking for quick fixes this winter. Have time to feel comfortable and relax by the fireplace. Avoid costly damage to your home by preparing it with the latest freeze protection systems available. Get in touch with a RAYCHEM Winter Expert today and get ready to love winter.