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As another winter rapidly approaches, so does the need to be prepared. This applies not just to humans, but to buildings and infrastructure as well. The harsh weather can take a toll on structures during the winter and the extreme conditions often push buildings past their limit.

Water authorities receive emergency calls from customers with frozen and burst water pipes. Heating companies receive thousands of requests to defrost outlet pipes from condensing boilers, and heat tracing suppliers have been called to provide solutions to the almost annual problem of ice and freezing temperatures.

The reality is that winter is going to come and the risks that come with it are unavoidable. Whether it’s snow, ice, wind or the cold temperatures, all of these elements have the potential to wreak havoc on buildings. The best way to be prepared is to be ahead of the game. Preventative solutions installed ahead of time are more effective and cheaper than emergency repairs.

Solutions with technologies that include freeze protection, snow melting and de-icing are designed specifically for winter safety. Self-regulating frost protection systems for sprinklers, snow and ice prevention systems can protect roofs, gutters and drainpipes. Melting systems are another form of winter protection that can help in areas like the ground, ramps and access ways. Finally, heat tracing cables are an option to provide long-term protection as well by delivering just the right amount of heat required to prevent ice formation.

No matter your specific needs, there is a solution to help protect your building this winter. The key is to get started on it now before winter fully rolls in so your building can avoid long-term and costly damage over the next couple of months.

Our team of Winter Experts can assist in auditing your building to detect weak spots ahead of the winter season. Find a Winter Expert close by: