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The recent polar vortex left a long trail of damage and inconvenience in its wake, with buildings, homes and cars suffering damage in the storm. even estimated that the storm could cost the economy over $5 billion due to flight cancellations, power outages, and winter insurance claims for ice-related damage.

Let’s look at the repercussions of Winter damage via insurance claims, and solution you can put in place to keep your building protected.

The Most Common Winter Insurance Claims

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest Winter claims is a roof collapse. Snow and ice are heavy. Did you know, even three inches of dry snow can weigh almost ten pounds per square foot? Wet snow can weigh almost six times that. Furthermore, just one ft3 of ice weighs 57 lbs.? It is no wonder that when large amounts of snow and ice are on a roof, the results can be disastrous. When snow causes damage to a roof, building owners find out the true expense. According to insurance sources, a roof repair or rebuilding can cost up to $30,000.

Another Winter culprit is burst pipes. When temperature drop suddenly, the water in pipes can freeze. This can result in burst pipes, which can lead to flooding and water damage in homes. The cost to repair? Estimates often fall between $12,000 and $15,000.

Here are some other common insurance claims made during Winter:

  • Window replacement
  • Damage to furniture and personal items
  • Damaged walls
  • Concrete collapse or erosion
  • Plumbing replacements

What Should You Do if Your Building Suffers Winter Damage?

If you are affected by the polar vortex, the first thing you should do is document your damage. Take photos and videos of the affected area of your building, and then contact your insurance company or agency to file a claim.

Repairs should be made, but permanent repairs should not be made until the insurance company has inspected the damage. Make sure to save all receipts associated with these repairs.

Keep in mind, there are some things that may not be covered by insurance, including:

  • Interior water damage from a storm when there is no damage to the roof or walls of the building
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Water damage from drains or sewers

Always check your policy to know what is covered at your building.

Solutions to Prevent Winter Damage

Protection and prevention are two words commonly found on the nVent RAYCHEM Winter Blog. However, they are two words that can make the difference when frigid weather affects your area.

There are plenty of electrical heat tracing solutions to protect your home, including:

  • Self-regulating cable for pipes, roofs & gutters, surfaces, like ramps & walkways
  • RIM systems for roofs & gutters
  • And more

Winter storms are only getting worse, with the Insurance Information Institute finding that the percentage of winter-related insurance claims is on the rise. Having protective Winter solutions in place can reduce the likelihood of damage or safety concerns, and give you peace of mind when those Winter storms hit.

With this season almost at an end, it’s time to start planning the changes you can make to your building. If you’re ready to learn more about RAYCHEM solutions, click the button below and connect with a RAYCHEM Winter Expert.