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Protecting systems, equipment and processes is paramount for any industrial operation regardless of the time of year. This is especially true during winter. Without proper protection, operations risk the result of frozen, blocked or broken equipment due to winter’s extreme conditions.

A way to ensure both safety and continued production is by implementing Electric Heat Tracing technology. Electric Heat Tracing systems help maintain process temperatures and provide freeze protection. By replacing the heat that is naturally lost, even with thermal insulation installed, Electric Heat Tracing is able to provide heat when and where it is required.

Electric Heat Tracing systems can be used for heating in factories, pipes, vessels, tanks or other equipment to prevent snow, ice and frost damage. Whether it is infrastructure inside a building or equipment exposed to the elements outside, heat tracing systems are designed to deliver great performance and safety in the winter months.

Examples of applications in which Electric Heat Tracing can be used include:

  • Fire security sprinkler systems: Without Electric Heat Tracing, first security systems are at risk in places like commercial buildings, industrial plants, parking lots or tunnels. The heat tracing technology keeps sprinkler systems functional during cold weather, ensuring the safety of everyone in the building.
  • Safety showers: Electric Heat Tracing keeps the water at 25-28°C for comfortable eye washing in case of an accident. Without these systems in place, the safety and well-being of plant personnel is at risk.
  • Helipads: Whether it’s at hospitals or on an offshore vessel, helipads need to be kept free of ice and snow for emergency landings. Electric Heat Tracing helps do just that.
  • Steam tracing: Even if steam tracing is the preferred way to remove snow and ice in your industrial application, it still requires Electric Heat Tracing technology to prevent that the drains for condensation water might freeze.

Installing heat tracing technology prepares your building, equipment and processes for the challenging effects a winter can have. Having an Electric Heat Tracing system in place can help minimize the potential damage and costly repairs caused by these elements.

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