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Winter is coming, and with it comes heavy snowfall and the terrible task of clearing it away. For those with large paths, walkways and driveways, clearing snow and ice can be a huge job, especially if you have to dig your car out of a snow pileup as well. Eliminate this task from your life with a heated driveway. Let’s look at how electric surface snow melting systems operate, and whether they’re a fit for your home 

How Do Electric Heated Driveways Work? 

An electric heated driveway is made up of a few components:  

  1. Heating cables: robust heating cables, made to resist damage and corrosion, are installed underneath the surface. These cables can be self-regulating or they can produce a constant heat output, depending on the type of cable used.
  1. Control units and sensors: controllers work with sensor data to automatically switch the system on the temperature drops below the set point and moisture is detected. They turn the system off when either the temperature rises above the set point or if no moisture is present, ensuring efficient operation.

Some systems are for use only in concrete, while other systems can be used in asphalt surfaces or even under pavers. Once installed, electric surface snow melting systems are often a relatively maintenance-free solution for home or building owners.

What are the Benefits of a Heated Driveway? 

Aside from the obvious benefit of not having to shovel the driveway, walkway, or path, there are plenty of additional benefits to a surface snow melting system:

  1. Energy-efficiency: electric systems with well-designed controls are efficient. By utilizing a combination of temperature and moisture sensing, the system will activate only when required and deactivate to save energy when either the temperature rises or there is no moisture detected.
  2. Environmentally friendly: Electric snow melting systems are more environmentally friendly than the continuous use of salt or chemical de-icers and do not produce greenhouse gases and pollutants like gas-powered snow removal equipment.
  3. Easy maintenance: Once an electric system is installed at your property, it’s unlikely that you will ever have to perform any maintenance. Your driveway can be treated like it was before the system was installed. The durable cables embedded below the surface will be able to handle the changing weather conditions throughout the year.
  4. Safety and Liability: Ensuring the walkways around your home or business are free of ice and snow reduces the probability of anyone suffering slips, trips and falls during icy months 
  5. Longevity: Continued water and ice buildup on a driveway or walkway can lead to micro cracks over time and long-term damage to the driveway’s structure. An electric surface snow melting system can protect the integrity of the structure by preventing ice buildup that can penetrate the surface, expand, and form cracks. 

nVent RAYCHEM WinterGard Mesh to the Rescue

The nVent RAYCHEM WinterGard Mesh surface snow melting system is designed specifically for for residential and light commercial applications and it’s available now!

  • Suitable for concrete, asphalt, or under pavers
  • Constant wattage, configured for 50 W/ft2
  • Choice of 120 V or 240 V
  • Coverage from 10 ft2 to 120 ft2 per kit (install more than one kit for additional coverage)
  • 2-year warranty

wintegard raychem

WinterGard Mesh rolls are preconfigured for easy installation. Get your driveway or walkway heated before the cold sets in and let your snow shovel collect dust instead of snow and ice this winter! Reach out to an nVent RAYCHEM Winter Expert today for more information.

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