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Ice dams and icicles are some of the most dangerous hazards a roof can face during winter. They can affect all kinds of roofs types including flat roofs, metal roofs, gutters, downspouts and drain lines. Let’s understand how these dangerous ice dams form, and how RIM systems can stop them in their tracks.

What Are Ice Dams?

As snow sits on the roof, solar energy and heat from within the building melt the snow. As snow is porous, water flows through the snow to the eave and freezes. This begins the ice dam process. Ice forming on the eave retains the melt water, freezing it, creating a bigger ice dam. This is created over several storms that can go unnoticed until it is too late. Because a roof is designed to shed water in only one direction, an ice dam pushes water up under the shingles, potentially causing water damage to the roof and building interior.

How to Remove Ice Dams with RIM Systems

One of the most effective ways to mitigate this risk is to install a Roof Ice Melt (RIM) system.

Designed to end ice build-up hazards, RIM systems consist of base panels that secure self-regulating heating cables in a fixed heat transfer position. The system helps maintain a continuous path for roof snow melt to drain from the roof through the gutter and downspout.

RIM is a unique roof and gutter de-icing system that provides many features and benefits to protect a roof.

  • It’s energy efficient – it’s powered by self-regulating cable technology.
  • The panels are aesthetically attractive with no visible cables. There are in a variety of colors and finishes to match any roof type.
  • Choose the type of RIM System to best fit your roof. It depend on factors such as wind speed, elevation, temperatures and average snowfall.
  • RIM systems are backed by a 20 year Extended Warranty

RIM Systems are also flexible, with the ability to be installed in new buildings or in renovation projects for all snow load areas. This flexibility is also shown in its ability to be used on virtually any type of roof. Whether the roof is made from shake, shingle, rubber, tar, wood, tile, slate, membrane, metal or plastic, there is a RIM system that can meet your specific requirements.

A RIM System is the most energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing de-icing method available today and is maintenance-free. Designed with state-of-the-art control technology, RIM Systems comes with technology that helps control the temperature of the system and optimizes energy output.

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