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If you are looking to reduce operation downtime at your facility, then a yearly MRO (maintenance, repair, optimization) review should be top of mind.

Let’s explore what a maintenance, repair and optimization audit entails and how it can benefit your processes.

What is an Maintenance, Repair, Operations Audit?

Maintenance, Repair and Optimization (MRO) services are designed to preserve and maintain optimized performance of a heat management system. The term “MRO” was first used by the United States Department of Defense, but has now become standard terminology in industrial facilities around the country and beyond.

An MRO audit is designed for preventative maintenance, as well as corrective maintenance. With these two audits completed yearly, facility managers can also start predictive maintenance by analyzing patterns in the data.

For businesses that rely on continued operations during critical times, an MRO audit is considered more of a necessity than a suggestion.

What Should be Reviewed During an MRO Audit?

While this list is just a basic review, it is a good starting point if you are ready to get started.

  1. Perform an insulation resistance test on all heat tracing circuits
  2. Test all ground-fault breakers
  3. Check the components of your heat trace system, including all electrical connections
  4. Check your thermostat and controllers
  5. Perform a power check to verify that values are consistent with product specifications
  6. Check your distribution panel and secondary wire and conduit
  7. Check your insulation
  8. Maintain all installation and maintenance records
  9. Stock up on critical spare parts and extra cable

Why Should Industrial Facilities Consider MRO Services?

While taking time out of a busy operations schedule to analyze existing systems could seem like a time hazard, the benefits could be important for future profitability.

Also, there are plenty of professionals (like nVent RAYCHEM and TRACER heat tracing experts) who can help facilities perform this review so business can continue running smoothly. With an MRO audit, you will also experience:

  • Accountability for the continue care of your heat management system
  • Reduced probability of unplanned process shutdowns through proactive maintenance
  • Specialized MRO expertise and local support
  • Optimized solutions for capital returns
  • Award-winning safety practices
  • Best-in-class products and services

No two MRO audits will be the same and depending on the need of your facility a bundled review can protect and extend the value of your systems.

If you are interested in learning more about audits performed by nVent RAYCHEM and TRACER MRO heat tracing experts, connect with us today.

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