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Wintertime brings freezing temperatures and stormy weather that can cause safety concerns and risk to homes and other buildings. nVent RAYCHEM offers many winter safety solutions to address these issues, and one of the most popular is nVent RAYCHEM WinterGard Wet self-regulating heating cable. WinterGard Wet provides convenient and reliable pipe freeze protection and roof-and-gutter de-icing in residential and commercial applications.

Self-regulating cable is safe, efficient, and long lasting. Its output increases in colder  temperatures and decreases in warmer temperatures, making it very efficient. The self-regulating nature of the cable also means it can be installed without concern for precise spacing or for the cable overlapping itself, because its output decreases in the presence of extra heat, ensuring safe operating and preventing the cable from burning itself out. Self-regulating cable can be cut to length, unlike many other types of heating cable which are offered in defined lengths that cannot be cut. This makes WinterGard Wet easy to install and easy for installers to keep in inventory.

WinterGard Wet offers many other advantages too!

  • It can be used outdoors in wet and dry locations because it is waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • It is suitable for circuit lengths up to 400 feet.
  • It produces ~6 Watts per foot of heat at 40°F (4°C) and ~8 Watts per foot of heat at 32°F (0°C), offering plenty of power in cold weather.

All of these properties make WinterGard Wet ideal for Pipe Freeze Protection and Roof and Gutter De-Icing applications

Pipe Freeze Protection is exactly what it sound like: by adding heat back into an exposed water pipe in freezing temperatures, WinterGard Wet ensures the water in the pipe will not freeze, expand, and burst the pipe. This application prevents loss of water pressure, water damage, and water waste caused by blocked and/or burst pipes.

Roof and Gutter De-Icing prevents the buildup of snow and ice that can cause major problems for building systems, which can lead to safety hazards, roof damage, and expensive repairs.

Icicles and heavy snow loads can cause damage, injury, or worse when falling from eaves and rooftops. Large snow loads can fall suddenly, blocking doorways and potentially trapping occupants inside. Gutters that are clogged with ice or overwhelmed by snow can be torn away from the roof edges, potentially falling on people and causing damage to property.

Ice dams are created when meltwater refreezes near the roof edge. Ice near the roof edge becomes taller as this process repeats, trapping more and more water. Eventually, ice dams can become large enough to force water up and under the lower edges of roof coverings, causing leaks, roof damage, and even roof collapse.

By installing WinterGard Wet along the roof edge, in the gutters, and in downspouts, ice and snow can melt and drain away from the roof, protecting the building and its occupants from the hazards mentioned above.

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