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We recognize the critical importance of maintaining safety in the distribution and installation of our heating cable products. To ensure this, we annually acquire tens of thousands of cable reels from reliable sources, all constructed from new ABS plastic. This commitment to quality materials is paramount in upholding the highest standards for our customer’s satisfaction and peace of mind. Moreover, We have transitioned to using 100% recycled plastic cable reels.

Recycled Plastic Cable Reels

recycled plastic cable reels

By making the switch to reels comprising 100% recycled post-consumer plastic, we are lowering our carbon footprint through plastic waste reduction and gaining economic savings of about $125 hundreds of thousands USD each year.

The same practice is supposed to be used in our brand-new Asia Pacific Production Base-Suzhou factory. The team is engaging in the practice of repurposing wooden pallets and reels that they receive from their raw material suppliers for the purpose of product delivery.

As outlined in our 2022 nVent ESG Report, nVent is focused on making positive impacts in Eco-friendly product designs, Eco-friendly product materials, End-user safety and product quality and safety.

Sustainability & Electrification

What’s more important, in 2022, we also launched our new SUSTAINABILITY AND ELECTRIFICATION value proposition emphasizes our dedication to adopting eco-friendly practices and supporting our customers in their sustainability efforts. As part of this commitment, we are focused on providing environmentally conscious products and solutions.

This is an excellent example of cross-functional teams coming together to prioritize reduction, reusability, and recyclability in our production processes, leading to reduced waste, a lower CO2 emission footprint, and a more sustainable future.

For nVent’s continual efforts to achieve social responsibility goals in 2022, We won our second consecutive Silver Sustainability Rating from EcoVadis, it places us in the top 9% of companies assessed in our industry.

Congratulations to our Thermal Product Management, Supply, and Grass Roots ERG teams for this impactful collaboration towards our planet goals at nVent. We are undertaking the responsible energy, waste and water management to help protect our natural resources.