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Although winter officially starts later in the month of December, we have been hit with powerful snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures across the country.  For industrial facilities, not being prepared and properly protecting operations can result in frozen equipment and disrupting process line production.  This can lead to plant shutdowns which in turn will cost the company millions. An electric heat tracing system can protect critical process lines and equipment from freezing.  It is also important to understand that a heat tracing system is most effective when it is a complete system.  If you have been following our blogs you should have a good understanding of an electric heat tracing system.  Here’s a quick recap.

A complete Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) System typically has the following components.  All are crucial parts of the EHT system in protecting your processes.

  • Heating cables
  • Controls and Power Distribution
  • Insulation
  • Connection kits and accessories

Connection Kits Play a Key Role in a Complete Electric Heat Tracing System

EHT connection kits are vital parts of a complete heat tracing system.  They are used as power connections, splices and end termination for the heat trace cable.  All of these work together to provide a reliable, safe system that’s easy to install and maintain.  nVent RAYCHEM offers both below and above insulation kits.  We’ll focus on the above insulation kits and highlight key features that make it a safe and reliable solution.

Power Connection Kit

nVent RAYCHEM power connection kits such as the JBS-100 is used to connect power to a single heating cable.  The JBM-100 is a multi-purpose kit that can connect up to three heating cables and is used as a power, splice, tee and end connection.  These kits are rugged in design and hazardous approved as these need to withstand harsh environments during the winter season.   Compared to other kits in the market, it has features that can significantly reduce installation time.

  • Cold applied core sealer – There’s no need for hot work permits or messy RTV silicone to work with.  The silicone-free, non-curing sealant allows for easy installation and re-entry for maintenance
  • Spring loaded termination clamps – These reliable, vibration-proof spring clamps allow for quick installation and ensure secure wiring termination
  • Rugged pipe stand – The 4 inch pipe stand allows for insulation clearance and makes it easy for maintenance crews to access the system without having to remove cladding and insulation.

End Termination Kit

nVent RAYCHEM E-100 kits serves as an end seal to the heating cable.  It’s an agency approved for hazardous areas and available as non-lighted and lighted versions.

  • Integrated 4 inch stand allows for easy access to conduct system testing with having to remove cladding and insulation.
  • Fully encapsulated electronics – It won’t fail due to moisture ingress or corrosion
  • Unique lens – For the lighted version, its patented design with bright LEDs allows for visibility from below

Tee/Splice Kit

The T-100 is an above insulation tee or splice kit.  It’s an agency approved for hazardous areas as well and can take up to three heating cables.

  • Similar to the JBS-100 stand, the 4 inch pipe stand allows for insulation clearance and makes it easy for maintenance crews to access the system without having to remove cladding and insulation
  • Insulated crimps allow for safe electrical connection
  • Universal grommet plugs allow for use with nVent RAYCHEM self-regulating and power limiting heating cables

Rely on nVent RAYCHEM to provide safe and reliable advanced connection kits this winter.  If you want to learn more about our connection kits, please visit our product page.