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how to stop my roof from leaking

How Do I Stop my Roof from Leaking in Winter?

Winter should be spent safely inside your home or workplace, not battling roof damage from pesky leaks caused by increased precipitation. You may be asking yourself; how do I stop my roof from…


Why Mechanical Engineers Appreciate Electric Heat Tracing During Winter

During winter, freezing weather can bring many problems. For mechanical engineers this can especially be a headache. Let’s learn how electric heat tracing solutions can bring timely solutions.

What You Need to Know About Instrument Winterization

Instrument winterization is crucial to keeping industrial facilities operating efficiently. Instrumentation measures process variables using a sensor that converts the measurement into a suitable signal and then transmits…

what are the signs of a cold winter

Winterize Your Plumbing: Christmas at the Summer Cottage

Many who live in cold, snowy climates feel the best way to enjoy the holiday season, is to fly away to a warm and sunny destination for some fun in the sun…

heat trace design

The Basics of Heat Trace Design

When it comes to protecting your industrial facility against winter weather, it’s valuable to have tools at your disposal that help make the process easier. Let’s take a…

keeps pipes from freezing

Winter Tips to Stop Your Pipes from Freezing

Planning for winter in the Fall may seem like a hassle, but it can mean a world of difference when winter weather makes an appearance. For property owners,…

installing a heated driveway

I Hate the Snow Shovel! Should I Get a Heated Driveway?

Winter is here, which means so is heavy snowfall in many parts of North America and with that snow comes the terrible task of clearing it away. For those with large paths and…

Achieve Energy Savings Benefits with Smart Heat Tracing Controls

Industrial facilities are becoming more aware of the annual energy consumption within their plant. They are also looking for ways to bring that annual cost down. Many are…

commercial checklist

Winter Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Commercial Building

Winter is quickly approaching, bringing with it many risks for building owners. Ice, snow and freezing temperatures once again threaten the safety of commercial and residential buildings. The last…

heat management system audit

The Importance of Winterizing Industrial Power Plants

During an unexpected cold freeze, a lot of things can happen within industrial power plants. The US South East just experienced such an event that shutdown power to…