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Three Ways nVent ERICO Cadweld Products Are Designed to Make Installations Safer

Since 1939, nVent ERICO Cadweld has been the rail industry standard for making critical exothermic cable-to-rail welded bonds for signal, power and grounding applications. The product offering is…

Protect Critical Railway Assets with nVent ERICO Surge Protection Devices

Comprehensive surge protection is a requirement for railways but not all surge protection devices (SPD) can protect against rare or complex electrical events that can be especially damaging….

Rail Heating

Winter Safety Solutions Protecting New York Area Mass Transit

Winter weather impacts transportation for millions in North America. Among the areas affected by inclement weather is the largest metropolitan area in the world, the New York City…

nVent Rail Heating System

Keeping Railway Systems Operational During Harsh Winter Conditions Winter weather can pose major challenges to railways operating in cold weather climates. Freight railways strive to meet the needs…

Protect Your Railway Installations with nVent ERICO Solutions

Did you know we have an nVent blog dedicated to Rail solutions? In the latest blog series on the nVent Rail blog, nVent ERICO Railway Electrical Protection is…

nVent SCHROFF Supports Next-Generation Rail Technology

The Transition to Next-Generation Rail Telecom: LTE Networks Require Higher EMC Protection Levels

The railway industry is undergoing a transformation with the introduction of next-generation technology. High Speed, Big Data, IIOT, Predicative Maintenance, and many other industry buzz words are predicated…


3 Design Practices to Achieve Stray Current Control

In our previous post, we defined stray currents, where they come from and some effects they can have on grounding and other systems with the capacity to carry…


The Basics of Stray Current Control

Reducing or preventing corrosion is a main concern in electrical systems. When DC voltages exist in applications such as railway traction, solar or battery power systems, corrosion can cause major issues in terms of grounding system integrity and effectiveness, or even environmental issues with unintended leakage from underground pipelines.

nVent ERICO Railway Electrical Protection

nVent ERICO Railway Electrical Protection Series: Surge Protection Devices (SPDs)

So far, the nVent Railway Electrical Protection blog series has thus far covered nVent ERICO direct strike lightning protection, and grounding and bonding.  These products represent solutions for…

nVent ERICO Railway Electrical Protection Series: Grounding and Bonding

In the first post in our railway electrical protection blog series, we described the harm that lightning strikes can cause to rail properties, and highlighted how nVent direct…