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The answer is – Yes. Electric floor heating can be the primary and sole source of heating, quite common in recently build family houses. The solution is storage floor heating, which aims to reduce the heating cost by using a night electricity tariff and at the same time eliminates other heating sources. Floor heating is perfect in combination with renewable sources (such as photovoltaic systems).

The floor heating system ideal for this purpose consists of nVent RAYCHEM T2Blue 20 electric heating cable laid in a concrete layer, which is used as heat storage, therefore it must be of sufficient thickness (usually 8-10 cm). The nVent RAYCHEM T2Blue 20 cable is dedicated to laying in concrete and is extremely durable.

The power output of the installed system is in the range of 100 W/m² (gross) – 160 W/ m² net, depending on the construction type (heat loss). The installation should be planned for future construction (i.e. to consider walls, furniture). At the same time, you need to consider that the heat-up time decreases with higher power output.

Advantages of storage heating:

  • One heating system based on electricity
  • Eliminating wall radiators
  • Lower investment and operating costs – no need to install a heating boiler and no fuel costs
  • More available as no boiler room required
  • Maintenance-free
  • Clean heating – no air pollution
  • Allergy-friendly solution
  • A good alternative to gas heating

Underfloor storage heating presents a highly efficient and cost-effective option for individuals embarking on the construction of their new homes. It is crucial, however, to carefully consider this solution during the initial stages of the investment to ensure optimal energy efficiency, minimal heat loss, and the creation of a warm and inviting living space.

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