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Prefabrication can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to complete a variety of job site tasks. In particular, it can make an installer’s job much easier.

Read on to learn about prefabrication’s top three benefits to installers.

1. Completing projects on their own schedules

With prefabrication, installers are no longer limited by the hours they are permitted to be on a job site. Assembly tasks can be completed anytime, opening up opportunities for flextime and allowing projects to be worked on during times that are most convenient.

2. Starting projects earlier

With traditional methods, certain tasks on the job site need to be completed before others. For example, the foundation needs to be poured before the ductwork can be installed. However, with prefabrication, workers can begin assembly off site as soon as they know project specifications. When appropriate, they can then show up and install the piece, eliminating much of the stress of having to quickly assemble and mount components on-site.

3. Easier access to equipment

Contractors will always have all of their equipment nearby when they assemble in a shop rather than on a job site. If an assembly requires an unexpected tool, it will always be within reach.


Installers can benefit from the unique advantages of prefabrication. Download the Introduction to Prefabrication white paper to learn more about how prefabrication can help in your next project.