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Strut channel systems play a key part in supporting electrical, mechanical, and fire protection fastening installations. Channel nuts are used to secure a threaded rod or fastener to the strut channel in a wide range of applications, such as wall-mount electrical boxes or prefabricated trapeze systems.

Sometimes installing channel nuts can be difficult. Spring channel nuts can be uncooperative and often involve loose hardware getting stuck or popping out of the strut. To simplify the process, nVent CADDY is introducing a new range of Rod Lock Spring Steel Quick Channel Nuts (QCN) designed to reduce labor time and complexity while saving money and enhancing end-user safety.

The unique, integrated design of the QCN removes the need to hassle with a spring coil or insert fingers into the strut, making installation significantly safer, easier and faster. Simply snap the QCN into the strut and use nVent CADDY’s patented “push-to-install” technology to quickly push the threaded rod or fastener through the mounting hole and lock it in place.

As internal studies have indicated, the total installation time is reduced by up to 70% for electrical and datacom equipment assembled onto wall-mounted strut channels and 50% for cable trays mounted to cantilevers — ultimately resulting in cost savings for contractors in both enclosure installations and trapeze assemblies.

wall-mounted cantilever

Installation of perforated cable tray onto wall-mounted cantilever

wall-mounted strut channel

Installation of an enclosure onto wall-mounted strut channel

Featuring nVent CADDY’s Armour Coating for superior corrosion protection, the QCN’s spring steel design allows the nut to adjust to imperfect struts and work with slightly damaged threaded rod/fastener ends or minor burrs without sacrificing durability or performance. When the threaded rod/fastener is no longer pushed or pulled, the integrated flexing arms snap back to their original position and instantly secure the rod. While the flexing arms hold the rod in position, the flexibility of the spring steel allows for fine-tuning post-install to easily screw to tighten or adjust the height of the rod.

nVent CADDY’s “push-to-install” technology helps meet the needs of installers by saving time on the job site and reducing the risk of injury and number of tools required. Learn more about the Rod Lock Spring Steel QCN product offering and how it can help make your next rod installation faster, easier and safer.