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Rick Lees, nVent CADDY senior technical support specialist, recently authored an article for CONTRACTOR Magazine’s September issue focusing on combating labor shortages head on. When it comes to reinforcing the health of the contracting industry, we’re all in this together—contractors, manufacturers, distributors and designers. That’s a key reason why we should be working together to keep projects moving and job quality high as we work through the staffing-related struggles our industry faces.

While you may not be able to fill the skilled labor gap in the market right now, the good news is there are steps you can take to help your workforce be more efficient. The even better news is you don’t have to do it alone—you likely already have partners in place that can help.

A few ways that this issue can be combated are:

  • Reimagined team training
  • Better use of products and processes
  • Building advocates

When it comes to dealing with the skilled labor shortage, there’s no magic bullet to solve the problem. Industry paradigms are changing, and part of workforce development is being willing to evolve your approach to stay competitive. Make a lean, mean team by deploying the tools and techniques available to get more done more efficiently, by filling knowledge gaps through training and by committing yourself to being flexible through it all.

Read the full article to gain insight into this important issue.