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No matter where in the world, building owners should consider the options when it comes to seismic bracing. In our three-part blog series, we’ll be exploring the different seismic bracing attachments, featuring both cable bracing and rigid bracing. Additionally, we’ll feature the application types including single pipe, trapeze as well as lateral and longitudinal bracing attachments.

Starting off with the cable bracing solution for trapeze applications for both pipe and conduit, cable bracing can be used in several trapeze applications including tight spaces, long runs, retrofit and data centers. Cable bracing benefits include:

  • Brace length is unlimited
  • No rod tension from seismic loads
  • Lightweight
  • Small storage footprint
  • Used in congested areas

A full cable seismic bracing system is the recommended solution for crowded mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire spaces, and all the components of the system should be tested and load rated to adhere to standards. Cable bracing solutions and products should meet all relevant codes and standards when properly installed.

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