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In part two of nVent CADDY’s three part video series on different seismic bracing attachments, learn more about the best practices and benefits of using strut to brace both longitudinally and laterally for trapeze applications. Rigid bracing can be used for both pipe and conduit trapeze applications.

Lateral and longitudinal rigid bracing secures the trapeze from both kinds of movement in the case of seismic activity. Installation benefits of rigid bracing include:

  • Retrofitting ability – the brace can be installed after the trapeze assembly is installed
  • Easy installation – side access to the strut enables easy installation
  • Diversity of use – product work with any strut trapeze assembly including mechanical and electrical pipe and duct and cable tray
  • No special tools needed – one wrench size fits all required hardware
  • Simple inspection – shear-off head helps ensure correct torque and installation

A rigid seismic bracing system is the recommended prefabricated or retrofitted solution, with lateral bracing eliminating the need for multiple trips up and down ladders, saving time. The adjustable design can be used with not only different applications but with different sizes of pipe and duct, reducing contractor inventory.

Download the nVent CADDY Seismic Bracing Solutions Flyer.

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